February 28, 2019

Tiger Woods shares the ‘why’ behind Tiger Jam

When you hear ‘Tiger Jam’ you think of Vegas, golf, music, or poker. For good reason, because for 20 years Tiger Jam has entertained guests with incredible golf exhibitions at Vegas’s top courses, gathered the best poker players in the world for Tiger’s Poker Night presented by the World Poker Tour and hosted incredible musical acts on the Vegas stage. There have been professional athletes and Hollywood icons, fire dancers and bubble contortionists, golf greats and music legends in attendance. But through all of the lights, cameras, and action that the Tiger Jam weekend has to offer, the meaning behind it all is really what drives Tiger Woods and TGR Live to continue hosting this long-standing event.

“It’s a time where we can expose the people that are there to what we are trying to do as a Foundation,” says Tiger. “And a lot of times, people didn’t understand what we were all about. Most of the public thought we were just a golf foundation, that just did golf clinics, but we are so much more than that.”

In 20 years, Tiger Jam has raised over $20 million for the education and college-access programs of TGR Foundation. The foundation works to create a world where opportunity is universal, and potential is limitless. From the classroom programs at the TGR Learning Lab facilities to the digital curriculum of TGR EDU for students and educators, TGR Foundation continues to empower students to pursue their passions through education. Because of events like Tiger Jam, the foundation can continue to grow its reach and make a positive impact in the lives of youth.

“People go away from that event (Tiger Jam) not only feeling like they had a great time, but they felt like ‘wow what they are doing at the foundation level is something we didn’t expect or didn’t understand’,” Tiger shares. “They get behind it, we have a lot of supporters and donors because of it. People donating not only their money but significant chunks of their time to making our future as a foundation more impactful.”

2019 marks the next decade of this 20-year fundraising event. Join Tiger in Vegas and help support the work of TGR Foundation by making an impact on thousands of youth. Contact Matt Cusick or call 949.725.3003 for more information and to reserve your spot today.